Helix Resources Senior Geologist Interview

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RIU Sydney Resources Round-up 2022

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Mike Rosenstreich Helix Resources (ASX: HLX) 2022 RIU Sydney Resources Roundup

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All-in on Copper in Cobar

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RIU Explorers MD Interview Feb 2022

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RIU Explorers Conference 2022

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Sharecafe Hidden Gems Webinar

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Q&A with Managing Director Mike Rosenstreich

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Helix Q&A

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HLX Drilling Update July 2021

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Gold Coast Investment Showcase June 2021

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Investor Briefing ‘Future Metals: PGE & Copper’ June 2021

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121 Mining Investment APAC 16 – 18 June 2021

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Sharecafe Webinar – Its all about copper

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Diamond Drilling Drone Footage

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Sydney Resources Round-Up Q&A – Mike Rosenstreich

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JP Equity Partners – Helix Resources Investor Presentation

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Broker Briefing Investor Webinar

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July 21st, 2021 - Helix expanding mineralised footprint on two fronts in Cobar copper play
June 28th, 2021 - Helix has Canbelego’s measure and it shows with more copper hits
June 3rd, 2021 - Conductors are a signpost for copper at Helix’s Canbelgo project
May 31, 2021 - Has Helix cracked the code for Canbelgo copper mineralisation?
May 12, 2021 - Helix keeps the copper hits coming at Canbelego
May 12, 2021 - Resources Top 5: All iron ore, all copper as prices surge
May 3, 2021 - Stockhead: Helix Resources strike copper sulphide at refined Canbelego targe
April 15, 2021 - Stockhead: Reinvigorated Helix seeks high grade copper at Canbelego
March 17, 2021 - MoneyTalks: Here are 3 ASX under-the-radar green energy plays set to ride the wave
February 22, 2021 - Cashed-up Helix seeks focus in Cobar copper pursuit