Along strike from the Canbelego Copper JV tenement, the Bijoux Copper Trend covers an additional 20km of copper and gold prospective terrane. With direct access from the Barrier Highway, this northwest trend is parallel to the Cobar Trend and represents a structural repeat in the Kopjye Shelf sedimentary zone.

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Scout mapping within the 1.7km x 0.7km copper in soil anomaly was undertaken in 2019 and early 2020. A copper prospective zone was initially identified from a cluster of pXRF readings from the Auger soils completed in 2019, with readings of up to 580ppm Cu. Importantly the copper anomaly is coincident with the subtle ridgeline hosting a brecciated ironstone.

Initial pXRF readings taken from the sub-cropping brecciated ironstone returned Cu (up to 0.17%), Pb (up to 0.18%), Zn (up to 0.08%) and Bi (up to 0.12%).

The material noted on surface at this new target zone, has a similar texture – brecciated iron-rich material surrounded by a matrix of iron dominated material. The iron-rich units identified at surface, may relate to massive sulphide accumulation in primary rock below. Surface geophysics and drilling are the next steps.

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Photos of gossan from locations flanking a subtle ridge line running NW, within the copper in soil anomaly on the Bijoux Trend.

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Bijoux Copper Trend Project
Helix Resources Limited 100%
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