Huallillinga Project | Chile

Snapshot: Area shows evidence for multiple mineralising events in sub-parallel systems associated with the +25km long regionally significant fault zone (Los Mantos Fault) which transects the project. Copper and gold mineralisation is present in structures 5-30m wide, with potential for sub-parallel systems to extend for up to 3km in length in areas mapped. Several small-scale mines in operation in the area with the Punitaqui Mine (Glencore) within trucking distance (25kms to SE).

Huallillinga Copper/Gold Project

Huallillinga Project is a large 95kmĀ² area with significant potential for shear hosted copper and gold, with little evidence of modern exploration in the district.
From the field activities undertaken to date, Helix has recognised at least two mineralising events associated with large structures (5 to 30 metres wide) controlled by a regional shear zone. The first mineralising event appears to be cut by the second event and overall the systems appear to exceed the 3 km of strike in several areas. Artisanal workings in the area exploit both mineralisation events. It is also important to note that artisanal workings have only exploited areas of outcrop with structures clearly continuing under shallow cover throughout the district.

The entire area is controlled by a significant regional fault system associated with the Los Mantos Fault, which hosts several significant copper and gold systems particularly to the south including the Punitaqui Mines (Glencore).

Helix is advancing exploration at two levels. Firstly, we have identified and are negotiating with several local small-scale miners with the aim to consolidate several small prospects and our surrounding ground into a meaningful near term production operation; and secondly, we are targeting regional prospectivity to identify significant mineralised systems using geochemistry, geophysics and drilling.

Location of Huallillinga Concessions to nearby towns and HLX projects

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